Why is it that I have to respect chrsitians and muslims beliefs? What reason do I have for this? Will they even attempt to respect me in return? I spend alot of time thinking, and I always find that the answer is no, I should not respect their beliefs, because they don’t respect mine.
I’m fine with some things, praying, going to church, etc, but there are some things that are just annoying and flawed with what I constantly hear and see.
First, the money and pledge. People have told me that these have to stay, it is our country’s affirmation of god. My simple reply, bullshit. I am a part of American society. I was born and raised here. Along with millions of other atheists, along with every other reliogion that gets shunned, it is explicitly innapropriate that I have to acknowledge a deity just to use my money to eat, or pledge allegiance to a country that I was born in. This reeks of hypocracy, and easily qualifies as state sanctioned religion.
Then there is stem cell research. I don’t know a lot about this subject, so this will be brief. What I do know is that a blastocyst doesn’t feel pain. A blastocyst is cells that could become a human. To think of it as anything more is absurd. Especially considering that fertilization clinics throw these away aplenty, why are we arguing again? Again, religion overstepping its bounds and potentially hurting more people than it saves.
Abortion, just the word alone seems to be enough to send a fundamentalist into a frothing violent anger trip. It seems that after all this time, women still get the short end of the stick. Religous zealots have decided that women should be walking wombs and not have any freedom over their own bodies. This attack comes from many religions, all in different ways. God just doesn’t want women to have the right of their own body parts.
Then we can go on to muslim societies. Places where women have to wear veils and stonings and beheadings are actually encouraged. It makes me shudder to think what a sharia America were to look like. I know that I wouldn’t see it because the penalty for my disobedience is death.
This is why I will not respect religion. It infringes on my rights and liberties. I am told that I am to be nothing more than a servant to some imaginary being.
I love my rights, and I will not give a single one of them away. That includes my right to not have faith, and my right to be in a country that doesn’t force faith at the tip of a sword or down the barrell of a gun.
This is a secular country. For atheists, christians, and muslims. Now can we please try to advance society forward?